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Come on Gerrrlsss!

Anyone who has spent a day shopping in Liverpool would have certainly heard the sounds of one very determined sales lady, who screamed 'Come on Gerrrlsss' everyday.

Mystery had surrounded Shush Don't Tell Your Friends for a while, with many shoppers wondering whether the sound is a recording or one woman with very strong vocal cords.

As well as shouting 'Come on Gerrrlsss' she also boasted about the amazing discounts on offer inside the store, even claiming to sell stock for a lot lower than other high street brands, and she's not wrong there! That was Shush then, this is Shush now.

Our Heritage

We are a family run business with over 30 years of experience in retail. We pride ourselves with being competitive, reliable and trustworthy and we know exactly what our customers like and expect from us. We buy in bulk so we can pass on the savings to our loyal customers.

Our Stores

We offer discount High Street and Branded clothes in our stores across Merseyside and the North West, providing a vibrant and comprehensive range of well known brands.

We do not sell second hand.

Which Brands Do We Sell?

Shush! It's a secret, but we bet you can work it out.

We remove all labels from our items before sale, to comply with resale rules and we don't advertise which well known brands our products are from, but on closer inspection it becomes clear and you're sure to be amazed at our price vs RRP!

Voice of Our Customers

We absolutely ❤ our customers!

We are rated 5 Stars on Trust Pilot and 5/5 on Facebook

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